• Interesting Food

    One of the best reasons to discover some good Australian food is the diversity in their eating habits. In this country, the old fashioned style of food production is still going strong and you can't get much more traditional than making sandwiches. I have found this in particular to be a great introduction to something different.

    It's a nice break from the familiar recipe that you are used to. The sandwiches I love to make are classic Australian foods like 'bangers and mash' but with a twist.

    You don't need to learn how to make bangers and mash from a recipe book, it is the same as any other recipe that has been made by generations of Australians. In the past there was only one recipe for 'bangers and mash', now, there are many variations of this traditional recipe. How about trying your hand at the first recipe for Aussie bangers and mash?

    All you will need is: a wholemeal bread for the crust, coconut milk, tomato, onion, spices and garlic, a jar of curry powder, salt and pepper. You will also need some frying pan and a small packet of instant chili powder.

    Mix the ingredients together until they are well mixed and then add the milk and stir until it is well incorporated. When this is done, form the mixture into two mounds and then cook them in a frying pan on a medium heat until they are golden brown.

    I was told by my dad that bangers and mash are a very popular dish that is eaten all over Australia, however, it is not known for being served anywhere else in the world. If you are going to make your own unique food, it would be good to try and make a few variations to a good old favorite. Let's see what some interesting ways you can do it!

    One of the interesting ways of making bangers and mash is to take a wholemeal bread, slice it in half and then spread the top part with butter lettuce leaves. When you put a dash of chilli powder into the mixture, you will find that it tastes delicious!

    Another interesting twist that you can try is to dip the top of each slice of bread in some chopped tomatoes, then sprinkle it with some crushed chilli powder. The mix would then be placed into the frying pan along with a little bit of oil and you would wait for the sandwiches to become golden brown.

    One nice way to get the taste of these meals would be to make a cake. There are many variations you can do using cake mixes or baking mixes that are prepared for such a purpose.

    Try to spread some cheese into the mix and then sprinkle some melted melty cheese on top. This will surely bring out the flavors of the bangers and mash, so it will definitely be a surprise to find out that you have made your own bangers and mash!

    So, there are some interesting ways to create your own unique food! If you really want to experience something different, try your hand at this interesting process.